How to Starting a Wedding Venue Business the Right Way

Starting A Wedding Venue Business 54 Best Best Of Denison Ridge Images On Pinterest
Starting A Wedding Venue Business 54 Best Best Of Denison Ridge Images On Pinterest

Starting A Wedding Venue BusinessWhen you learn that more than 2 million marriages take place every year in the United States, one thing will probably pop in your head: “Wouldn’t it be cool to start a wedding venue business?” well, for one thing it would be because generally speaking most people prefer renting a venue to do their wedding ceremonies. However, there are many things that you must take into account first beforestarting a wedding venue business. Lucky for you, we have narrowed down to a few most important things you need to do and consider to start your own wedding venue business in order to get you started properly!

emejing opening a wedding venue pictures styles ideas 2018
emejing opening a wedding venue pictures styles ideas 2018

Things You Need to Do and Consider

  • Determine the perfect location. One obvious thing you need to think thoroughly whenstarting a wedding venue businessis securing a top-notch quality building in an ideal location. The building itself will be the fixture of your entire business. Try to get a location that is surrounded by a beautiful neighborhood view and where transportation is easy to access. You can consider choosing one that’s close to the beach if you want to. Bottom line, your location must have something unique. For example, the Louisville Belle in Kentucky offers weddings receptions with an Old South theme. Once you have the place in mind, inspect the whole place thoroughly and decide whether it’s the best place to hold wedding ceremonies. Be mindful of the level of safety such as fire as well as structural issues. This especially applies to you if you decide to convert your old barn and use it as your wedding venue business.
  • Furthermore, if you own a farmhouse, a bed, and breakfast or any other commercial facilities and intend to use it as a wedding venue, you need to check with the local zoning laws and make sure a wedding venue business is permissible there and that zoning law will not be limiting the number of guests. You need to do some research regarding the applicable permits and licenses that are needed to operate in your potential location too. For example, you’ll need a banquet permit in Washington and California for wedding receptions held in a commercial venue in which alcohol is part of the menu.

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emejing opening a wedding venue pictures styles ideas 2018
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  • You might want to hire an expert if necessary to do the whole permitting process. It’s because this part is not always a straightforward process and can be complicated since every jurisdiction as in town, city, hamlet, township, village, etc. has its own zoning code. Contrary to popular belief, it’s not a state issue but rather a local one.
  • Have a clear picture of the kind of products and services you will offer. Most wedding services and products include planning services for the wedding itself, catering, photography as well as floral arrangement. Take a look at what your competitions have to offer and manage to outdo them in terms of services and the price they charge. You need to do your own research as well so as to understand what the buying public wants, i.e. by going to wedding conventions and having a conversation with people who seem to be looking for a venue to book.

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  • Starting a wedding venue business, just like starting any other business, need an attentive promotion and advertising to get the words out to people. Build your own online marketing strategy. Establish your own website, a blog and social media to advertise your business. Make sure your blog and site are formatted in ways that can be viewed on mobile phones, PC, and tablet. Think outside the box and try posting your own reviews of your venue on local online business directories and promoting your new business on local bridal website chat rooms. Branch out and seek partnership with other vendors that couples also often commonly visit when planning a wedding like bridal shops or jewelry stores. You can ask them for a simple favor like distributing coupons for a free wine tasting, a free brunch or lunch or wedding workshops at your venue.
  • Find a great way to market your venue that raises your profile while simultaneously saves money. Market/advertise your venue to photographers/wedding cake maker or caterers because they may have potential clients for you. Try buying Facebook ads which can send traffic to your website or blog. In addition, exchanging or buying ads on wedding vendor sites is a good idea as well. They usually pop up on the first page of a Google search for your geographic area. Moreover, consider joining local business organizations and sending hand-written notes to the people you meet who you think can refer business. bottom line, you need to close the gap between the opening and turning a profit and one way to do this is by marketing your business and booking weddings before you open your venue officially.

If you think about it, the whole steps we have just laid out above does not look all that complicated.Starting a wedding venue businesscould be a sweet business especially if it takes off.